Wood carvings                                                                For details please click at the pictures


                             natural                                                  coloured                                 natural                                          coloured
                          50-001  Dragon                                50-002  Dragon with wings

Dragons are available in the following sizes:

15 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 80 / 100 cm

Dragons are available in natural wood, hand painted or coloured.

Acrylic painting is available (shown right), which is painted in Germany.



46-011  Mushrooms  -  12-14 cm    
46-001  Mushrooms I  -  14 cm 46-002  Mushrooms II  -  20 cm 46-003  Mushrooms III  -  14 cm

Marine fauna

 46-004  Dolphin 46-005  Dolphins 46-006  Dolphins  
               9-11 cm               9-11 cm               10-12 cm  

46-007  Sea garden 46-008  Dolphins 46-009  Sea horse 46-010  Sea horses
              21 cm               24 cm               16 cm               20 cm

 Statues, sculptures and reliefs


Besides what is shown, statues, sculptures and reliefs are not kept in stock because of their unique quality and the amount of time to make them.

However, if you are interested in particular statues or sculptures, let us know.

Based on our many contacts, we can have these type of items crafted for you with a picture, a photo and a detailed describtion.





Statues can be produced in a wide range of sizes. Statues as high as 3 meters (for example, the statue shown on the left measures 160 cm) may be ordered.

Any item can be produced based on your desire but, due to their unique quality in crafting, these special order items will be a one of a kind and cannot be exactly duplicated.

Even though we cannot guarantee these special orders, we will craft your order as exact as possible according to your specifications.

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